Who we are 

At the heart of LBMA is the expertise and dedication of a select group of staff, collectively referred to as The Executive.

The Executive's role is to carry out the work which has been agreed by the Board and its Sub-Committees to ensure the efficient running of the association. The Executive benefit from the knowledge, experience and dedication of senior representatives drawn from its membership who reside on these committees. Welcome to LBMA’s Executive team.

  • Ruth Crowell, Chief Executive
    Ruth Crowell

    Ruth was appointed Chief Executive of the LBMA in January 2014. She is responsible for the success and strategic development of the LBMA, in partnership with the Chairman and the Board. She is also responsible for maintaining accountability to and the quality of, the Association's Membership and Good Delivery Refiners as well as representing the interests of the Association in relation to regulators, investors, media and international precious metals markets.

    Before being appointed Chief Executive, she spent seven years working in the Association, initially as Commercial Director and then as Deputy Chief Executive, where she acted as the main lead on Governmental Affairs. She was also responsible for the Association's work on supply chain due diligence, with particular regard to the creation and implementation of the LBMA’s Responsible Gold Guidance. She has represented the Association at industry, governmental and multi-stakeholder regulatory forums. She continues to serve as Vice Chair of the OECD Multi-Stakeholder Governance Group for Responsible Minerals. As Commercial Director, she oversaw the development of the LBMA Conference, the LBMA's quarterly publication the Alchemist and the LBMA website.

    Prior to joining the LBMA, she worked in bank finance and US corporate law at the law firms of White & Case and Norton Rose, and also acted as a monitor at the UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva. She has an MSc in History of International Relations from the London School of Economics and a degree in English Literature from Kenyon College in Ohio.

  • Stephanie Bennell, Financial Controller
    Stephanie Bennell

    Stephanie is responsible for all finance related issues including preparation of management accounts, budgets, invoicing and payments.

  • Ed Blight, Chief Finance Officer
    Ed Blight

    Ed Blight joined the LBMA in September 2015 as the Operations Director. He is now the Chief Finance Officer and is responsible for directing and overseeing the general administration of the Association including overall responsibility for issues relating to Finance, Human Resources, IT systems, contractual arrangements, commercialisation opportunities and Office Management.

  • Aelred Connelly, Public Relations Officer
    Aelred Connelly

    Aelred provides support to the Chief Executive in the administration and organisation of the Association's Public Affairs. This includes working closely with the Marketing and Communications Lead on publications, marketing material, the website and events. He is responsible for Press enquiries and is the editor for the LBMA's quarterly publication, the Alchemist.

    Prior to joining the LBMA, he worked at the Bank of England for more than twenty five years. During the last five years of his career at the Bank he gained specific bullion market experience in his role as a Gold Bullion analyst, supporting senior management in the Bank's Customer Banking Division. He previously acted as a relationship manager for a portfolio of the Bank's customers including central banks and government departments. During his time at the Bank he studied part-time for a BA Honours degree in Business Studies.

  • Neil Harby, CChem – Chief Technical Officer
    Neil Harby

    As Chief Technical Officer for the LBMA, Neil’s responsibilities include acting as the Executive’s main contact for the Good Delivery system for GD Refiners, applicants and LBMA Committees. His duties include managing the LBMA Good Delivery accreditation system, including applications, Pro-Active Monitoring, Proficiency Testing and other GD related projects. The role also involves overseeing the work of the GDL Officer in the administration of the Good Delivery system as well as managing the implementation by gold Good Delivery refiners of the LBMA’s Responsible Gold Guidance and ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the Good Delivery work carried out by the LBMA.

    He brings to the role a wealth of experience having previously been Head of Evaluation at the Rand Refinery in South Africa. He represented the Rand Refinery at the LBMA as the only Referee in the Southern Hemisphere. As one of only five Referees appointed by the LBMA to oversee the maintenance of the LBMA’s Good Delivery List, he has been involved in many initiatives to ensure and develop the integrity of the gold industry. He contributed to the steering committee which produced the “Conflict-Free” Gold Standard of the World Gold Council as well as the development of the LBMA’s Responsible Gold Guidance and presented the Rand Refinery “Artisanal gold” Model at the OECD in Paris. He was a Board Member of the Responsible Jewellery Council representing the Gold and/or Platinum Metals, Refiners and/or Hedgers Forum as well as sitting on the Membership Committee. His work experience included nine years in the Platinum Industry and held the position as a member of the South African Organising Committee of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

  • Rachel Hart, Trainee Lawyer
    Rachel Hart

    Rachel supports the LBMA's General Counsel with legal and compliance matters affecting the precious metals market, including financial regulation, market development and the Responsible Sourcing Programme.

  • Simon Houghton-Dodd, Compliance Officer
    Simon Houghton-Dodd

    Simon looks after Responsible Sourcing and Due Diligence processes for membership applications and on-going management.

  • Jamilah Leigh, Marketing Executive
    Jamilah Leigh

    Jamilah supports the Head of Marketing and Public Relations officer in the administration and organisation of the Association's Marketing and Communications strategy. Her responsibilities include conducting the execution of member communications, the design, integration and configuration control of the LBMA Web presence and publications relations support. She also supports the coordination and delivery for LBMA events, conferences, seminars, forums, webinars and social events.

  • Jade Maisey, Executive Assistant to Chief Executive and General Counsel
    Jade Maisey

    Jade supports the Chief Executive in the running of the Association in an executive and administrative role. Acting as overall trouble-shooter and strategist in support of the General Counsel and Chief Executive, she is responsible for complex and confidential administrative, secretarial, analytical and research duties.

  • Sakhila Mirza, Executive Board Director & General Counsel
    Sakhila Mirza

    In her role as General Counsel of the London Bullion Market Association and also an Executive member of the LBMA Board, Sakhila has been involved in, and taken the lead on a number of projects of the Association. This has included, but not limited to: working closely with the CEO on the strategic direction of the LBMA; transitioning all of the four precious metals benchmarks onto electronic platforms by working with the service providers as well as regulators; leading the draft and launch of the Precious Metals Code; working with external service provider to enhance transparency in the precious metals market by launching the LBMA trade reporting initiative; and providing for lobbying efforts on behalf of members on a number of issues, for example EU Conflicts Minerals regulation, Net Stable Funding Ratio amongst other regulations.

    In addition to this, Sakhila takes responsibility for all the legal and regulatory work of the Association and that of London Precious Metals Clearing Limited (LPMCL). She is involved in setting policies and leading the incident management process within the LBMA by working with various external stakeholders to help with decision making. She has also focused on meeting and building relationships with governmental officials and regulators and continues to educate all such stakeholders on the dynamics of the bullion market and all the work undertaken by the LBMA.

    Sakhila brings with her a wealth of experience having previously worked in the energy and commodities industry where she dealt with compliance, legal and regulatory matters. Sakhila read law at the London School of Economics and went onto qualify as a solicitor.

  • Varsha Peiris, Good Delivery List Officer
    Varsha Peiris

    Varsha is the GDL Officer, and is primarily responsible for the administration of the LBMA Good Delivery System, including all GD applications, Proactive Monitoring, the Proficiency Testing Scheme and Reference Material. She is responsible for maintaining strong working relationships with vaults, members, refiners and others on issues relating to Good Delivery. She joined the LBMA in September 2009.

  • Emmy Richardson, Office Coordinator
    Emmy Richardson, Office Coordinator

    Emmy provides support in the administration and organisation of the Executive Office. Her responsibilities include office management, business support processes, and other administrative support for the Executive team.

  • Emily Brough, Events Executive
    Emily Brough, Events Executive

    Emily supports the Head of Communications with the coordination of LBMA events including the conferences, seminars, forums, webinars and social events. She is responsible for ensuring that these are delivered to a high standard and not only meet but surpass members’ expectations as well as incorporate the Communication Teams’ objectives.